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Background Checks & Fingerprinting Services

Background Checks

In addition to performing the electronic fingerprint scans which are mandated by the state of Ohio for both the BCI and FBI, Reliable Drug & Alcohol Testing also performs other background checks typically required for pre-employment.

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Some of the background checks we perform include:

  • Motor Vehicle Records Search:  Confirms whether an individual’s license is valid or has been suspended and provides driving-related violations.
  • Social Security Trace:  Verifies names, aliases and counties on record associated with the individual’s Social Security Number. This step validates that the individual’s SSN matches the legal name given and directs county-level criminal records searches.
  • National Criminal Databases Search:  This search checks criminal databases from all 50 states, including digitized records from the Department of Corrections, and Administrative Offices of various Courts and County Court records.
  • Sex Offender List Search:  Searches a multi-state sex offender registry that includes hundreds of thousands of offender records nationwide.
  • 7-Year County Court Criminal Search:  This search uses professional “court runners” who physically perform searches at the county court level for the most up-to-date and accurate information. This search is particularly helpful for counties whose records have not been digitized.
  • Terrorist Watch List Search:  This search checks U.S. Government lists, including the FBI’s Most Wanted and the Office of Foreign Assets Control {OFAC}.
  • Global Terrorist Watch List Search:  Expands the terrorist search to include international terrorist watch lists, including the INTERPOL’s Most Wanted List and the European Union terrorism list.

Fingerprinting Services

Reliable Drug & Alcohol Testing is one of the top 10 providers in the state of Ohio for performing electronic fingerprints. We currently provide two types of fingerprinting:

  • Electronic Prints
  • Ink Prints

Electronic fingerprinting is used by both the BCII (Bureau of Criminal Investigation & Identification) as well as the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation). Electronic fingerprinting sends digital prints to the databases of BCII and the FBI. The database is then able to determine whether any criminal history exists in the individual’s background. This type of fingerprinting is mandated by the state of Ohio for any person applying for a job that deals with children, seniors or any form of healthcare. Additionally, there are many other state agencies who require licensing that also mandate electronic background checks.

Ink Prints are the older form of fingerprinting where ink is applied to the fingers and then pressed onto a special card. Even though electronic fingerprinting is the principal method currently being used, ink prints are still required when an individual is applying for some type of out of state licensing. The reason is because there is no reciprocity between states for electronic fingerprinting. Therefore, a manual ink print must be performed.

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